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Real Stories: Genuine Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

I want to share with you some testimonials from my clients, who have benefited from their journey with me.

Katia L.

"Some time ago I received your help for my daughter, it was an exceptional experience, a lot of professionalism, very kind, with a spectacular character and a great help to her, I recommend it 100%, thank you for your help, God bless you. "

R. Ramírez

"Thank you, Reina………… May others benefit from your gift as I did. 

Reina Encio saved my life…more than once. That is to say that in those moments when I endured some of life’s harshest blows, she helped me stand back up, recover and thrive beyond my pain and suffering. I’ve experienced heavy losses, made incredibly difficult decisions and faced old demons, and I’ve managed to stand tall time and time again because of Reina. She’s held my hand and offered me her undivided attention and understanding heart in a way that has always made me feel safe. She’s poured her deep knowledge and experience into every session I’ve ever had and felt her passion for healing wrap around my heart. She is unique in proffering easy-to-understand examples for practical living and always extends a warm and comforting smile that exudes much love and light. I will admit that, in her absence, I have sought counsel from highly-recommended professionals and NEVER EVER felt a connection anywhere near as strong as I did/do with her. No one has ever listened to me as intently, offered me homework or even tried to soothe me in times of crisis! That…is something very important in therapy, something Reina always seeks to accomplish before you conclude your session. I can hear her now, “How would you like to feel when you leave here today?” Honestly, I’ve learned, healed and grown so much since I met Reina Encio, and simply I cannot recommend her enough… I can say with certainty: I would not be here if it weren’t for her."

Susana H.

"Thanks Reina!!!

After a year apart and on the verge of divorce in 2005, I went to Reina, and thanks to her last month my husband and I celebrated 40 years of marriage. I recommend it with closed eyes! Reina is truly a soul of God!!"

Aida P.B.

"Reina Encio is an open, honest, down to earth therapist who is incredibly insightful and deeply compassionate.  Her knowledge and experience, coupled with her ability to enter her client’s reality and truly understand from the client’s perspective is a healing balm.  Reina joins with her client in order to figure out the best course of action for the specific individual.  She is a deeply respectful, creative person who has a wonderful sense of humor.  She engenders hope and inspires action which enables client’s to work through any issue they present.  Reina is also an unbelievable resource to her colleagues helping them to broaden their perspective, deepening their knowledge and skill set in a humble way.  She is truly a gift to all and offers each person an incredible journey to a more fulfilling life!"

Elizabeth V.

"Reina, I was so lucky to have you as my therapist in the worst times of my life. I survived a horrible separation and a divorce thanks to you. It’s been over 20 years and thanks to you I raised -on my own- a bright and happy daughter. You helped me to overcome anxiety and become a stronger person. I will always be grateful that God put you on my path. Sending love your way always."


"I worked with Reina back in 2012 when I was going through a tough time with my romantic relationship. Reina recommended that we moved in together and at that time we were young but already three years into our relationship. Reina gave each of us therapy one on one and this really helped our relationship. After ten years, we are happily married and with the two kids. This is not always the case, sometimes you must let go of relationships that are not good for you anymore, which was the case of my mother-in-law and her ex-husband, which also went to therapy with Reina. This is what she recommended for them. Now, they are each separately with new spouses. Reina is very compassionate, and the session does not feel rush, it feels like she is there for you and ready to listen. She has 30 + years of experience and has many practical tools that can help you with whatever you are struggling."

I am grateful to my clients for sharing their experience with me and I hope these testimonials can help other people who are looking for support and guidance. If you are interested in working with me as a counseling psychotherapist, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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